Wildlife T-Shirts

We are pretty well known by our wildlife t-shirts. Etcétera T-Shirts batik garments use innovative techniques that give an authentic heritage quality, as a result each product will have its own unique appearance. The handmade characteristic guarantees the uniqueness of each garment.

Our t-shirts are a big success in zoos, safari parks, birds of prey show centres,… You will find a wide variety of wildlife designs (lynxes, wolves, birds of prey, tigers, lemurs,…). Many of our designs are created by some of the best illustrators and photographers of the genre worldwide. And every design can be screenprinted on batik t-shirts, regular t-shirts (youth, adult, ladies,…),…you name it.

We do personalized designs for your zoo too. Are you looking for a customized design for your park? Just ask to us and we will be happy to help you.


We offer a good quality product with a fair price difficult to beat, no front payments, and of course, all t-shirts comes with your logo or name park. What zoo or safari park wants t-shirts without its logo or name printed on it? Also our t-shirts are europen sizes, so don’t bother for extra big sizes as american companies do. Also we offer personalized  designs and workwear uniforms for zoos workers. We ship all merchandising through TNT or DHL. Actually we have local representatives in Benelux, Germany and France. Just ask to us, you have nothing to lose.